28th of August

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17th of August


David, I have to say that your vocals floored me. You could have done half the stuff you did and I would still have been delighted. But you gave more and more creativity and of course talent. Wow.

 Thank you for going over and above. Awesome work.

Bill Ross, Wounded Ego Music, BMI

“David Steele is THE first call session vocalist in Vancouver. He has been for the last 15 years and he will be for the next 15. He has a great ear and a talent for blend when it comes to pitch, phrasing and matching other singers. He can kick anything from rock to R+B but what is most surprising is his uncanny ability to mimic the classics, Black or White. He is truly a gifted artist and I cannot say enough about him. Try him. You will again.”
Colin Weinmaster – Producer/Owner Wave Productions, Vancouver

“Dave’s ability to adapt a vocal to sound like he’s been singing it forever is unbelievable. His range is second to none, and not to mention Dave’s humorous out-takes from any session are often priceless!”
Dave Pierce – Producer, Arranger, Pianist Dave Pierce Music Corp. Grammy Award winner 2010 Olympics

“Hello David,
I am AMAZED once again! YOU DOMINATED THIS! I would like to know if I you can send both.. One with your EQ’s and one without because I like what you did with your voice! But I don’t know if our engineer would rather work with what you did or start from scratch. Or are you only able to send one? Let me know, and I will send payments shortly.
Regards” – k.l. smith – songwriter/producer

Really happy with the vocals man! When do you think the second vox will be ready to send?

Darkus Knight – song writer-producer

“I have worked with David for a number of years in a wide variety of music projects. First let me say that David is a music producer’s guaranteed insurance policy. Particularly if the desired style of vocal is not clearly defined (by agency idiot) prior to the recording session, and we’ve all been through that. The, “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when I hear it” routine. David’s enormous versatility, authenticity,patience and huge talent, is legendary! David kills on high energy rock tracks or blistering ballads. I do a lot of song demos of my own as well as corporate music (Kawasaki Boeing, Pizza Hut, Being Ian) I always receive huge kudos for David’s vocals from my clients both in the publishing and advertising biz. Words like ‘passion’, ‘believable’, ‘feeling’ ‘soaring emotion’ (two words) ‘heart’ ‘real’ ‘edgy’ (there’s one we haven’t heard lately) blah blah. Anyway….this guy is good…in fact as good as an unsigned rock star could get. Best of all, David makes me look good. And that, is why you want him on your tracks. Oh yeah, he’s also funny.”
Brian Hoot Gibson (Composer/Producer)

“I’ve sent payments! Thanks again on the excellent work! Look forward to working again on another project in the near future!
Regards” – rokker klient

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