Procedure, Pricing and Gear


You send me 2 mp3’s of the track(s) needing vocals via email, one with guide and one without. Make sure that the track is recorded from zero, with a click count at the beginning if necessary (ie: the song starts with vocals). Melody ideas you have may be sung, hummed or played on a instrument.Song key and tempo is helpful but not necessary …. also include lyrics 🙂

Email is usually enough but we can even talk on the phone or skype/facetime/ichat about the direction/style/particulars.
I sing the song or parts needed, when I`m done, I email an mp3 of the track, email changes if needed.I finalize the tracks. It’s that easy!

You okay the final product and provide payment in USD. funds via paypal-4% paypal fee required

Once I have received payment the tracks will be uploaded and a link sent to you.The vocal tracks will be sent separate with no eq or fx unless requested.


all songs and client needs are different, prices were usually about 150.00 for lead and 150.00 for bgs and I always give more than you need !


Dave Thomas Modified Apex 460 mic

Universal Audio 6176 pre amp

Avid Omni HD Native

protools 10 & 11 HD

Shure 57 58

Ampro  ca80a

EV 731 ribbon mic

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