experience professional

“because real love is something unselfish and involves sacrifice and giving, we cannot help but profit from it”

robert kennedy


pretty thankful for being able to work with so many great artists via the world wide interweb, pro tools hd, uad preamp and plugins, a couple of great mics, a powerful cheese grater mac and many years experience in all kinds of music. i grew up in an area that was not aware of curtis mayfield and when i heard superfly at a very young age i knew i had something special as it connected with me like nothing else at the time feel free to contact me with any questions about procedure and let’s get your songs sung 


lead and background vocals

send your song files, one with a guide melody and one without, the melody can be sung or played with instrument

make sure they start from zero in your session

send your lyrics and make sure they are accurate, i’ll sing what is written unless specified.

send any description of style you are looking for though i find most of the time the track speaks for itself!